At Lambert Investments and Lambert Parkhill we specialise in providing quality financial advice as well as solutions to both protect and build your wealth. Click on the links below to find out more.

Lambert Investments Financial Solutions

Here at Lambert we are here to help you turn your financial goals into your financial reality. Are you looking to fill your retirement funds? Are you looking for a proper insurance solution to help you through tough times? Maybe you’re set on having an education fund ready for your children when they reach the right age for college or university. Whatever your needs, Lambert Investments and the Lambert Parkhill Financial Group are here to help you.

Proud to be Australian

When you work with Lambert Investments you’re working with an Australian business that revolves around your individual financial situation and goals. Being family-run, there’s no pressure on us to prioritise any particular financial solution because some governing bank or institution wants X number of units sold by the month’s end.

Instead, our financial solutions are designed purely with your best interests in mind. We consider it our pleasure and privilege to present you with the options that suit your particular needs best.

Lambert Investments takes a holistic approach to your financial services.

What does this mean? It means that Lambert Investments provides a wide variety of services all under one roof.

We view the big picture of all of your financial requirements. Other businesses simply don’t have the capacity or ability to react across the board when a problem or opportunity arises in any area of your finance. It is quite possible that they might not even be aware of how their actions affect your other areas of interest.

But here at Lambert Investments not only do we care, we consider it a great advantage to manage your financial profile. We can implement effective solutions when your life changes. If you are made redundant at work, we are able to shift your ongoing contribution status for the total range of all of your financial services. Suddenly come into some money? We can easily guide you as to where it would best be used to serve you.

Shape Your Future

On this page is the full menu of financial services that Lambert Investments offers and can help you forge your future financial security. The variety of options we offer is designed not only to bring all of your monetary investments under one roof but to also help you keep your portfolio as risk-free as possible through a healthy dose of diversification.

So what will it be? What are your goals?
And how can we help you make them your reality? Contact us here.