Best Superannuation

How to Find the Best Superannuation

Superannuation in Australia is the most tax effective way to save for your retirement. The tax benefits offered by superannuation make a compelling argument for understanding what your superannuation can do for you. It can be exciting to see it grow as an investment that will ultimately translate into your retirement lifestyle. With the possible exception of the family home, superannuation is likely to be the largest personal investment you will ever own.

Consolidating your superannuation in one place is very important. If you have several funds with small balances due to changes in employment you may be paying unnecessary fees and there will be a lack of investment focus resulting in your savings not working hard enough for you.

Making the right decision about what type of superannuation fund is best for you to invest in can make all the difference to a having the retirement you want. Lambert Investments and Lambert Parkhill can help you decide which type of fund is right for you.

Whether you have just started your career or nearing retirement, it is important that you understand the benefits of the best superannuation and how it works. There is a misconception in society that superannuation in Australia is not important until closer to retirement. However if you start early, you will end up with a lot more. At Lambert Investments and Lambert Parkhill we believe that superannuation doesn’t have to be complicated. We can help you effectively respond to legislative changes regarding superannuation, tax, social security and other retirement issues. We will walk you through the benefits and strategies of utilising your superannuation, whatever your age.

Benefits of Superannuation

Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy with the best superannuation fund:
•    Access to a diverse range of investment options providing better diversity and growth potential.
•    A tax of 15% on investment earnings, compared with paying your marginal rate of income tax on investments outside of your superannuation.
•    Restricted access to the money in your superannuation gives it more chance to grow and accumulate.
•    The long term nature of superannuation means you are able to invest in growth markets, such as property and shares, with less impact from short term market volatility.

Get expert advice

When it comes to deciding where to put your superannuation in Australia, you may have several options, depending on where you work, how much control you want and the level of investment sophistication you desire.

Contact us to discuss the various options and find out how we can help you take full advantage of the options available to you.