Financial Planning

Financial Advice

At Lambert Investments and Lambert Parkhill we understand that getting the right advice at the right time can make a big difference in helping you reach your financial goals in life. Whether it’s having enough insurance to protect your family and business, investing in superannuation or planning for retirement or simply having the lifestyle you want, our financial advice team is here to help.

Reasons for seeking advice;
Here are just some of the reasons for getting financial advice:
•    Making sense of the complex superannuation, investing, taxation and Centrelink rules.
•    People live longer which means you need to ensure you don’t outlive your money.
•    Impact of inflation reduces the buying power of money over time.
•    Help identify opportunities to increase your wealth.
•    Protect your income and other assets.

How we can help

Do you have some specific financial milestones you’d like to meet but you aren’t sure how to achieve them? Or are you looking to attain some protection for the assets you already have? Do you want to get started on putting some serious work into building up your retirement funds? Or do you have some money you’d like to get working for you but you simply don’t have any idea how to get started? Or have you been made redundant? The experienced financial planners at Lambert Investments are here to help you.

We can provide financial advice in the following areas:

•    Insurance
o    Life insurance, trauma and income protection, TPD
o    Business insurances

•    Investing and wealth accumulation
o    Margin Lending
o    Deposit and Payment Products
o    Government issued debentures stocks and bonds
o    A range of ASX Listed Investments

•    Superannuation
o    SMSFs
o    Public Service Superannuation

•    Retirement Planning
o    Transition to Retirement (TTR)
o    Annuities and Pensions

•    Estate planning

Get expert financial advice

When you partner with us here at Lambert Investments and Lambert Parkhill, you are given access to financial advisers who successfully handle over $250 million in assets for over 5000 very successful and happy clients.

Contact us today to find make an appointment to see an adviser.

The Financial Advice Process

The value of our financial planners goes beyond dollars and cents – it can simplify your life and give you a sense of security and peace of mind about your current and future financial position.

At Lambert Investments and Lambert Parkhill we thoroughly consider your circumstances, and then develop strategies to help you reach your goals. These may include funding your children’s education, helping with tax planning, having enough money to live comfortably after retiring, protecting your lifestyle and business and so on, all of which requires specific knowledge and experience.

The Lambert Way is Your Way

Your financial future and the plans that make it a success are as individual as you are. So our advice is always built on a detailed understanding of your priorities, needs and aspirations.

Our advice process is designed to make sure we understand what you want to achieve – both short and long term – as the foundation for developing a tailored financial plan just for you. The six main steps are set out below:

Step 1. You’ll speak to a member of our financial services team. This initial chat is find out a little more about you and what you want to achieve, step you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Step 2. You’ll meet with one of our advisers who will discuss in more detail your current financial position, such as assets and liabilities and any insurance cover you have. This information will help us to tailor a strategy that will work best for you. At this point we’ll explain the costs involved and the next steps.

Step 3. We will then prepare a Statement of Advice (SoA). This document contains the tailor-made strategies and recommendations that will best achieve your goals.

Step 4.  In this step your financial adviser will meet with you to go over the SoA. This will include explaining the strategies and our recommendations and to ensure you understand how they will deliver your financial objectives. If there are alterations you’d like to make then we incorporate them and provide an updated SoA. Either way, nothing is done with your money until you’re satisfied that you have the right plan that has been created just for you.

Step 5.  If you’re happy with the SoA then the recommendations will be implemented on your behalf. This may take several weeks depending on how complex your plan is. It may include setting up new investments or superannuation accounts as well as applying for new insurance cover. We will keep you up to date on progress until the plan is fully implemented.

Step 6. Over time your circumstances will change, as will legislation and the economic environment. These factors will have an impact on your financial situation which means that your financial plan may need to be reviewed and updated. We’ll set up regular reviews to see if any adjustments are needed to meet your current situation and changing goals.